Fall Foliage in The Poconos SEO

Fall Foliage in The Poconos

Now, don’t get us wrong: Summer hasn’t stepped off the stage by any means.

Now, don’t get us wrong: Summer hasn’t stepped off the stage by any means. There’s still plenty of warm weather in store, but here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts we’re also starting to get mighty excited about autumn.

Here in the Pocono Mountains, fall expresses itself in a burnished kaleidoscope of colors. Our diverse hardwood forests light on fire this time of year, the greens of spring and summer giving over to vibrant red, bronze, copper, and gold hues. Maples and hickories and birches and ashes and more: The woods reach what may well be a pinnacle of sheer beauty as days shorten and temperatures turn deliciously crisp.

A “leaf-peeping” outing during a Pocono autumn has romance written all over it, and given we’re all about romance here at Cove Haven you really won’t find a better place to enjoy the seasonal show than our family of luxury, couples-only resorts!

The 2017 Cove Haven Fall Foliage Celebration

Our 2017 Cove Haven Fall Foliage Celebration gives you and your sweetheart all kinds of delightful itineraries for embracing autumn colors and all-around ambience. Mondays are Nature Days, perfect for a hand-in-hand stroll through the dazzling woodlands. Tuesdays, why not go old-school and take a couples hayride at Cove Haven or wagon ride at Pocono Palace—or survey the seasonal brews of fall at Paradise Stream during an expertly led Beer Tasting?

On Wednesdays at Cove Haven and Paradise Stream, meanwhile, you can pursue al fresco pleasures amid autumn splendor: We’ll supply the picnic basket and blanket! At Pocono Palace, we’ll be offering a Sweetheart Lunch Buffet on the Sunset Deck.

An afternoon carriage ride is in order on Thursdays at all three of our resorts: as classic a lovers’ outing as you could ask for, especially this corner of the calendar.

More Fall Fun

And hey, there’s so much more autumn goodness on tap at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts: from hot apple cider and donuts (the perfect fall flavor combo) in the lobby to cozy bonfires (with s’mores, naturally) at the Blizzard Chalet on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Oh, and be sure to take a crack at our Giant Pumpkin contest: Guess the gargantuan gourd’s weight, and you’ll earn yourself a free stay!

Make It a Fall Getaway in the Pocono Mountains With Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Come join us for the Pocono fall colors, and accentuate our year-round pleasures (live entertainment, fantastic dining, luxurious romantic suites) with some season-specific fun with your partner!