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First Date Ideas

Ideas to make that first date a memorable one.

Many would agree one of the most nerve racking yet magical moments in a person’s life is a first date. Whether it is with your classmate, your neighbor, your coworker, or even the cashier you met at the grocery store, the thought of going on a first date will often leave you worrying about the littlest of details- like if the cap on your back molar is noticeable or not. Well…we’re here to tell you first dates are actually a beautiful thing.

First dates don’t necessarily have to be with someone you just met. Go on a first date with your spouse or significant other by reliving your very first date together. Or if you had an awful first date- it’s time for a redo. Take this moment to plan a first date with your person of interest, your current love or your spouse.  Make it original or do something out of the ordinary.

Take a trip to the beach

Put on your swim suits, grab a towel and pack a lunch! Take your hunny to the beach for a day of fun and sun. The perfect first date can be as simple as playing around in the water with the sun warming your skin.

Go to the movies

There is nothing more “storybook” than going on a first date to the movies. It may not be the ideal spot to chat, but it’s the ideal spot to cuddle up with a bucket of popcorn.

Take dancing lessons

Break loose for the night. Sign up for an hour long dance lesson to get close with your special someone…even if you have two left feet and can’t dance to save your life.

Play a game of mini-golf

There is no age limit for mini-golf! This “low-stake” game is a fun way to kick back, chat and have fun with your love.

Take a stroll around the lake

Taking a walk around a lake or your local park is one of those first dates that can turn magical in an instant. Feed the ducks, have a picnic, stumble into a pop-up craft fair or rowing competition- you’re destined to have a good time.

Cook dinner together

Prepare a meal in the comfort of your own home for or with your special someone. Light some candles, turn on the Marvin Gay and get cookin’. Things will start to heat up quickly and we’re not talking about the food!

Plan a coffee date

Who doesn’t love coffee? Take your first date to the coffee house on a Saturday morning or even a Wednesday night for your chance to learn more about each other, with no interruptions. Maybe if you’re lucky there will be live music when you arrive.

Go out for trivia night

This group activity can be a great time even if you are the least knowledgeable person playing the game. Compete against others, grab a drink or two, and take home some random facts you didn’t know earlier that day.

Hit the ice

Lace up a pair of skates and try ice-skating with your love. This first date idea is a great way to get close because we all need a hand to hold while trying to stay balanced on the ice. Plus you can warm up in each other’s arms with a cup of hot cocoa afterwards.

Go stargazing

This is one of our favorite first dates. Whether you’re at a planetarium or lying out under the stars, star gazing with your love can be such a romantic moment because it instantly makes you feel curious and enchanted. Point out your favorite stars and maybe decide on “your” special star.

There are endless options for you to choose from for your first date. Take into consideration the time of year, the type of person you’re going out with, how comfortable you are with him/her and how outgoing you are feeling at the time. Do something different than going out to the bar or meeting for dinner. Customize it any way you wish; this is your opportunity to make an unforgettable first date!