Flavors of Love Romance Rundown

Flavors of Love

Although most of us love to eat we often don’t think about the effects foods can have on our body.

Although most of us love to eat (and sometimes love to overeat and indulge in a land of salty and sweet treats) we often don’t think about the effects foods can have on our body. We don’t ever really even consider the positive and negative impacts food can have on our body or even how food can make our body feel. But don’t worry, the Love Experts are here to help! You are about to read a blog filled with positive things about eating- yes, EATING! We’ve done our research and we know there are some special foods living on the shelves of your supermarket with the power to arouse your most intimate and romantic feelings. We like to call these foods “aphrodisiacs.”

We found an overwhelming amount of the many flavors of love, but we finally narrowed down the best aphrodisiacs filled with flavors believed to enhance and spark romantic feelings. Check out our list below!


Many of us have a cup of coffee (or five cups of coffee if it’s one of those mornings…) a day. We normally drink coffee to wake us up, but did you know coffee contains a stimulant that quickens the pace of your heart rate? Instead of drinking coffee in the morning before work, try having a cup at night. This can benefit you in a romantic setting and keep you up and active all night long.

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Cover anything in chocolate and it is bound to be eaten within seconds. Dark chocolate is the best! It can induce feelings of pleasure and excitement because it is able to cause a spike in dopamine in your body allowing you to enjoy sexual interactions even more.


Oysters are notoriously known for being an aphrodisiac with a reputation as the perfect treat for love and fertility dating. This reputation dates as far back to ancient Roman times. Oysters have amino acids that trigger production of sex hormones. They also contain zinc which is a mineral aiding in the production of testosterone and sperm production.


Avocados are one of our favorite “sexy” fruits and they are super trendy right now in the food industry. Barbara Klein, professor of food and nutrition at the University of Illinois, told the California Avocado Commission that avocados contain high levels of vitamin E helping to “keep the spark alive” because of its role in maintaining “youthful vigor and energy level.”


Often referred to as “liquid gold,” honey is a symbol of reproduction. Honey contains boron which helps to regulate estrogen and testosterone levels and it provides a natural energy boost to help increase blood flow during arousal.


Juicy, sweet and fresh. These three words are enough for us to know strawberries are a key fruit in sparking arousal between two individuals. Dip them in chocolate or feed them to one another after date night. These delicious berries are filled with vitamin C, keeping blood flowing to all regions of the body.


Cherries are symbols of innocent pleasure. They also contain loads of feel good vitamins like A, C and E that helps maintain a healthy sex drive. Their deep red color is exceptionally attractive (and kind of sexy too).


Arugula is great for sexual desire. This desire has been found to be so strong in humans that in ancient Rome and Greece, people took precautionary measures to neutralize arugula when eating dinner with others.


This spice is known to increase erections and sexual pleasure. Story has it Cleopatra added a ¼ cup of saffron to her baths. Some say she did this for cosmetic reasons while others believe it “turned her on” and made her more desirable to men.

Red Wine

We might crave a glass of wine when trying to settle our nerves, decompress after a long or to enjoy with a steak dinner. But thankfully, your love experts have discovered red wine can also get you in the mood! Red wine is able to get the blood pumping through your body because of its powerful antioxidant, resveratrol.


A major health food full of antioxidants, pomegranates cleanse your body decreasing the chances of inflammation and plaque building up. This allows blood flow to ALL areas of the body.


In ancient Greek history, it is said olives were used to make men more virile and women more fertile. Apparently men used olive oil when giving their wife a massage to help get them in the mood. We aren’t too sure how true this is, but we do believe in the power of massages!


Figs are such an interesting fruit to look at. They also are considered a sexual stimulant due to being high in amino acids. This boosts sexual stamina and increases libido, or in other words, increasing your sex drive.


Almonds and walnuts are used as a symbol of fertility in art. Fun fact- the aroma from almonds is believed to arouse passion in women. Health wise, almonds and walnuts are a beneficial source of fatty acids like omega-3 that help with hormone production.

Chili Peppers

We don’t suggest chowing down on a handful of chili peppers to get in the mood, but chili peppers have been found to stimulate endorphins, speed up your heart rate and make you sweat. All of these reactions mimic what happens to you when you become aroused.

If you’re looking to add a little more spice to your love life, try sprinkling saffron on the top of your next meal. Trying to awaken your inner Romeo? Have a cup of coffee to increase your heart rate for a more “energized” romantic performance. There are so many fruits, proteins and event sweets able to enhance your intimate moments with your special someone. Next time you’re at the supermarket, grab a couple of these items off the shelves and experiment with their effects!