Grab a Pen & Write a Love Letter Love Lines

Grab a Pen & Write a Love Letter

These aren't just for grade schoolers.

Think back to the days of middle school and high school when you would write a note to that special person you had a crush on. You’d tear off a corner from your worksheet or test and start doodling hearts and initials all over it before writing your deepest feelings. Your hands would cup around the paper to hide it from the eyes of your friends in an attempt to protect yourself from being tormented at lunch. Then you’d wrote the four words “Do you like me?” before passing off the small intricately folded paper as you walked past his or her desk. At this point you’re flooded with an overwhelming mix of anxiety and excitement.

Flashback to reality.

Ask yourself this question- when was the last time you wrote a love letter? When was the last time you had those giddy feelings take over your body because of the boy or girl across the room? Can you remember the moment you were excited to do something so small and romantic for someone else? Let’s be honest, it’s probably been a few years, decades…a lifetime.

Go and grab that pen! We encourage you to take the time today to write a love letter. It’s not childish, it’s not lame, it’s not overused, it’s not dumb…Honestly, it’s probably one of the most romantic ways you can get your significant other to give you the googly eyes. Love letters are such a simple yet powerful gesture. Whether you’re dating, engaged or married, love letters have no restrictions. Love letters don’t need to be a certain number of words (in fact they could be a picture), they don’t need to say a specific thing and you don’t even have to sign them with your legal name! They are only bounded by love and you’re free to interpret love as you wish.

Are you stuck on what to write to your special someone? You could open your love letter with “To the Love of My Life” or “Dear Pookie Bear.” Then think about a recent date you went on or a conversation you just had with them. Write about your favorite parts during that moment, from the way the food tasted to the way he or she said something. Write it all down! Everyone loves to be told they’re loved. At this point in your love letter, the words should just start pouring out of you. If you’re still stuck, write about the first time you met and what you thought of your significant other. Write about the first feelings you had when you laid your eyes on them, how you debated for an hour with your friends over what to say, the way your hands started to sweat when you walked up to them…Let it all flow!

A love letter can be three words or 5,000 words. Just surprising your special someone with it will result in endless affection (we guarantee it.) Remember there are no restrictions on love letters- this goes for presentation! Channel your doodling and paper folding skills from middle school to give it the perfect appearance. Will you hand your love letter to your significant other or place it somewhere for them to find? Some popular places to surprise him or her with it could be in a backpack, wallet or purse. You could also leave it in the car or sit it out on the kitchen table.

Love letters are a timeless act of love. Take time today to write a love letter for someone special. Who knows, maybe you’ll get one in return.

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