Our All-Time Favorite Proposals Romance Rundown

Our All-Time Favorite Proposals

We’re absolute suckers for tear-jerking proposals.

We’re absolute suckers for tear-jerking proposals. No matter how you pull off asking the big question, it’s an incredibly sweet moment for two individuals on their way to unifying their love through marriage. From “popping the question” in the simplest way to a moment identical to Kim Kardashian’s elegant proposal by Kanye West, we love these special affirmations of love. Some people have taken their proposals to the next level and upped it from tear-jerker to “I swear, whoever is cutting onions in this room, STOP IT!” Get a box- no, get a full pallet of tissue boxes and check out 15 of the most amazingly sweet, romantic, and thoughtful proposals we found online.


1. This NBA cheerleader had no idea she would be the one “winning” on game day. Her boyfriend racked up points when he disguised himself as the Chicago Bulls mascot and dropped to one knee.

2. There is no sort of failure in this proposal. Watch as a pilot fakes engine failure and has his girlfriend, the unofficial co-pilot, read off instructions for an emergency landing. The catch is he sneaked a line into the instructions asking her to marry him. Prepare your hearts for takeoff.

3. Who wouldn’t want to meet Ellen let alone be on her show? One guy was able to get himself and his girlfriend on the Ellen show to play the famous “Heads Up” game and pop the question.

4. He has an adventure book of their memories together, hundreds of balloons, a violinist and his family standing by. This man was inspired by the movie “UP” for his wedding proposal and it is picture perfect. Make sure you get to 8:28- it has us crying and laughing at the same time.

5. Within the first few minutes the tears were streaming. A man had his girlfriend meet him in the restaurant where they had their first date and played a video of him trying to propose to her in a number of ways including a Backstreet Boy inspired music video. He then shows up at the end to ask her the question of a lifetime.

6. We agree the true key to happiness is a puppy. You need to watch this proposal of one lucky girl who was surprised with a puppy and an engagement ring at the same time!

7. How do you pull off the best proposal ever? Make sure you watch the “how to” video below for tips and tricks from one of the most energetic proposers we’ve ever seen. He’s laying it all out for us and surprising his girlfriend by getting down one knee during an epic photo shoot involving a helicopter on top of building and rose petals falling in slow motion.

8. Ahhhh, the simple things in life brings us so much joy. One family game night and an attempt at guessing a drawing (with a few clues) led to an engagement.

9. Call the family and round up your friends for this epic proposal! At least this would be the advice from one man who popped the question after choreographing a dance with his family and friends to his girlfriend’s favorite song. The proposal involved his girlfriend sitting in the trunk of a moving car, trumpet players, props and a stunning ring!

10. Bigger is always better! One girl gets surprised with a gorgeous ring and a big question, but not until her boyfriend jumps in with a flash mob in the middle of Times Square to propose.

11. We are going to warn you now that this proposal may be the cutest one ever. A kindergarten teacher was getting awarded with her school’s “Love is the Key” award and was shown a video of her students sharing what love means to them with a pretty special ending.

12. A view from the mountain top, lighted paper lanterns floating up into the sky and Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud” playing in the background is the formula for a perfect proposal. After watching the proposal we can say we were just as stunned as she was.

13. We actually have no idea how this couple pulled off the moves they did, but we aren’t asking any questions. Tons of flexibility, a special question and a pretty impressive kiss makes us love this yoga proposal more and more every time we watch it.

14. For all you fitness fanatics out there, we have a proposal video for you! One man surprised his boyfriend by taking over his spin class with a cycling flash mob dance and heartwarming proposal on Valentine’s Day. Please bring us a tissue.

We hope you weren’t reading this blog and/or watching the videos at work. If you were, we apologize for causing you to have puffy red eyes for the rest of the day. If you’re planning on popping the question, take some inspiration from our favorite proposal videos and create a moment that, more importantly than being viral on YouTube, is memorable and meaningful for your significant other.